Termination Notification

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The client shall have an opportunity to request reconsideration of any decision terminating his/her treatment. Upon unfavorable discharge, the client is informed of his/her right to appeal the decision, an aftercare plan (depending on the circumstances of departure), and/or a referral. A signed right to appeal further with the Allegheny County Single County Authority (SCA) becomes a part of the client file.

Initial reconsideration is conducted during the staff meeting (every Thursday) for staff’s assessment of client’s reason for termination, potential for progress, and the professional judgment of the primary counselor’s ongoing ability to work with the client. (See Criteria for Readmission under Admission Requirements.) The client is informed of the decision based on his/her commitment to call after the staff meeting for the decision to return to the program and what prerequisites are expected of them. (Revised 10-03)

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