Board and Staff

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Board of Directorsstaff

Molly Loney Kubincanek, President
Sylvia Withrow, Vice President
Eric Lindey, Secretary
Judge Lawrence W. Kaplan, Treaurer
Anna Silberman
Raymond J. Schinhofen
Charlene Anderson
Rocco Cozza

Honorary Board Members
Nicholas P. Carfardi
Honorable Dan Cohen



Current Staff Members

directorVeronica I. Jones, Ed.D., LPC Executive Director
David Calderone, B.A., Bookkeeper
Debra Banach, Billing/Accounting Specialist
Abdelhadi Elamin, Ed.D., LPC, NCC, Residential Director
Jason Benney, M.S.Ed., Residential Counselor
Mary T. Bodnar, M.S.Ed., Residential Counselor
Rachel Ragozzino, M.A., Residential Counselor
Paul Dang, M.S.Ed., Residential Counselor
Harold Agnew, B.A., CAC, HIPPA Compliance
Norma Jean Sellers, House Monitor
Pamela Smith, House Monitor
Timothy Sherrill, B.A., House Monitor
Monica White, M.S.W., House Monitor

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