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Admission to Alpha House depends on the applicant’s motivation and the nature and degree of his/her problems that led to substance abuse. The applicant must already have had some abstinence and/or detoxification.

To be eligible for treatment at Alpha House, residents must:

  1. Be assessed by the Alpha House staff and/or referring institution and be determined eligible for treatment by meeting established PCPC (Pennsylvania Client Placement Criteria) Level III criteria in the Allegheny and surrounding Western Pennsylvania counties
  2. Be 18 years or older
  3. Be willing to participate in all aspects of treatment from evaluation to departure
  4. Be able to engage in all program activities as outlined in the client handbook
  5. Agree to comply with all program rules and regulations
  6. Have a history of substance abuse possibly accompanied by impaired social and/or occupational functioning
  7. Be willing to live and work in an environment abstinent of illegal and or non-prescribed controlled substances and commit to maintaining it in that manner

*Dual diagnosed participants are expected to be medication compliant for continued participation.
*Alpha House shall not discriminate in the provision of services on the basis of age, race, creed, sex, ethnicity, color, marital status, or religion.
*Age requirement – 18 years or older
*We do not accept a husband and wife into the residential program at the same time to ensure individualization of treatment for each client. Likewise, due to the fact that in the course of therapy clients go through many personal and emotional changes, we do not allow clients to get married while in treatment.

Criteria for Readmission (Revised 11/6/03)

All readmissions will be taken into consideration by the counseling staff.  After consulting with the staff, the residential director makes the final decision about the readmission.  The counseling staff have agreed that:

  1. Residents who achieved Level II with six hours status may be readmitted 90 days after their termination or departure.  If they were court-ordered residents, clinical staff will review each case individually.
  2. Residents who haven’t achieved Level II with six hours status may not be readmitted until 120 days after their termination or departure
  3. After their third treatment episode, residents may be considered for readmission after one year.  They must write a letter showing evidence of their commitment in order to be considered.
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