Clients' Rights

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At Alpha House, each client:

  1. Shall not have his/her civil rights infringed upon because the client is in treatment.
  2. Has the right to appeal and register to the Residential Director complaints about the administration of rules, regulations, sanctions, disciplinary measures, and modification of rights.
  3. Has the right to accept or reject any or all copies of treatment consents suggested by Alpha House staff.
  4. Has the right to examine his or her records. However, the clinical staff may delete portions of the record prior to client inspection if they believe the information will be detrimental to the client’s ongoing treatment. In addition, client records may be inspected by any member of the Alpha House staff and by reviewing agents of the county and state.
  5. May request in writing the inspection of and/or removal or correction of inaccurate, irrelevant, outdated, or incomplete information from his/her own records. The client may also submit any reasons he or she believes the information to be inappropriate. The staff will address these requests in writing and maintain a copy in the client’s file.
  6. May submit rebuttal data or memoranda to his or her records.
  7. Has the right to be free from corporal punishment, physical abuse and involuntary physical restraints.
  8. Has the right to communicate by mail. There is no limit to the amount of mail sent or received. Incoming mail must be opened in the presence of staff to ensure absence of contraband. Outgoing mail is not examined.
  9. Has the right to discharge him or herself at any time subject to whatever consequences may be imposed by the criminal justice system.
  10. Has the right to nutritious food, adequate lodging and personal hygienic facilities.
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