Recovery Process

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Recovery is a lifetime process of change. At Alpha House, we help our residents build a sound foundation and develop tools and skills to prevent them from going back to their self-defeating lifestyles. Our recovery process starts by making residents part of a community that provides a predictable environment with well-defined boundaries that teach residents to live clean, productive, independent lives. We emphasize personal responsibility, proper conduct and values.

At Alpha House, recovery means

  • Changing from drug abuse to abstinence,
  • Reducing symptoms,
  • Improving overall function, and
  • Developing a pro-social lifestyle in which residents:
  • § Learn adaptive and social living skills,
  • § Develop healthier interpersonal relationships, and
  • § Are involved in social group and community activities

An important part of our recovery process is peer interaction.  Peers in the program help each other by sharing information, discussing personal matters, monitoring each other’s behavior and showing responsible love and concern for all members.  Big brothers and big sisters, more senior residents of the house, help new members by providing advice, guidance and additional coaching so that they will have an easier time understanding and adjusting to the program.  Each resident is expected to be a positive role model to those who follow him or her in the program.

As part of the recovery process, residents must attend and actively participate, invest and take pride in all aspects of the program.   They must take personal responsibility and learn to share the values that we stress at Alpha House:  truth and honesty, a good work ethic, self-reliance, earned rewards, achievement, social manners and community involvement.

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