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Alpha House takes a whole person approach to treating addiction. Residents come to ourfile1701347712205house because they are addicts who are unable to manage their lives. They need to learn how to overcome their addiction so they can function more positively. This requires a total makeover – changing the way one thinks, feels and behaves. Our whole person approach teaches residents that they cannot continue to live the same way and expect different results; that they must make extreme changes.

Our residents have turned to using drugs to handle their feelings, thoughts and behaviours. They have individual and institutional factors that contribute to their problems. We help them address and deal with whatever these factors are so they can change their lives.

Our residents’ problems are related to:

  1. Misguided patterns of thinking, feeling, behaving and living;
  2. A lack of understanding and self-awareness; and
  3. An inability to manage symptoms and behavior

Our whole person approach helps residents to:
Develop such things as:

  1. Interpersonal skills
  2. Social living skills
  3. Impulse control
  4. The ability to deal with frustration and authority

And control and improve such things as:

  1. Disordered thinking
  2. Psychological problems
  3. Psychiatric symptoms
  4. The ability to deal with frustration and authority

In addition, we provide such opportunities as:

  1. Education
  2. Vocational Training
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