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Our house is a community of good people who have made bad decisions. They have made the brave choice to improve their lives. We know that they deserve help and we are here to provide it through our whole person approach.

1At Alpha House, we don’t use the word community lightly. We know that when people think of a community, they think of a place of belonging, a place where people know, care for and support each other. For us, developing a spirit and sense of community is all-important. Our community of staff and residents is the healing agent. The individual is responsible to the community and the community is responsible to the individual. Involvement and participation in the community stimulates learning and change. Peers help each other on their personal recovery journeys by sharing information and stories, monitoring each other’s behavior and showing responsible love, compassion, cooperation and concern.

The safety and integrity of the community is of utmost importance. Our goal is fellowship.

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